Margin Syndicate Members, Exciting updates on our outstanding products:

1. Spot API: – Experience fully non-custodial trading with potential daily returns of up to 0.5%. Our cutting-edge approach involves market analysis and grid trading of high-potential assets.

2. Defi: – Our Defi product now offers stratified strategies:

APR Targeting Strategy:

– 30% APR (Safe)
– Monthly Yield: Approximately 2.5%
– Low risk with minimal Impermanent Loss (IL).
Utilises stable assets and conservative strategies.

– 50% APR (Volatile/Volatile Pair)
– Monthly Yield: Approximately 4.17%
– Moderate risk with potential for balanced returns.
Perfect for those seeking a good risk-reward balance.

– 100% – 200% APR (Hardcore)
– Monthly Yield: – Approximately 8.33% – 16.67% APR
– High risk with significant IL potential.
Suited for aggressive risk appetites with high tolerance for volatility, excelling in favourable market conditions.

We’re committed to delivering exceptional performance across all our products. Join us as we continue to push boundaries and deliver outstanding results.

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