The recent launch of the Co-Pilot DeFi solution for Margin Syndicate marks a significant advancement in decentralized finance management. This solution operates by sharing private keys, with plans to integrate Gnosis multisig shortly.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of how this innovative solution works and its benefits:

How the Co-Pilot DeFi Solution Works:

  1. Customer Input:
  • Customers provide their profit target and risk tolerance.
  1. Strategy Selection:
    A suitable DeFi strategy is identified on-chain based on the provided inputs.
  2. Management and Monitoring:
  • The solution manages the investments, continuously monitoring the performance of the smart contracts.
  • Adjustments are made if the performance deviates from the customer’s expectations.

Key Features:

  • Profit Target and Risk Tolerance:
    Customers can set specific financial goals and acceptable risk levels, ensuring personalized investment strategies.
  • Smart Contract Management:
    Continuous management and adjustment of smart contracts to stay aligned with customer expectations.
  • Multisig Security:
    Shared private keys and the forthcoming integration of Gnosis multisig enhance security and trust.


  1. For Customers:
  • Access to Safe High Yields:
    Customers can access high-yield opportunities in DeFi with added safety measures.
  • Simplified Experience:
    The solution simplifies the complex and often daunting user interfaces of various DeFi projects.
  1. For DeFi Projects:
  • Increased Liquidity:
    Projects with complex UIs benefit from increased liquidity as more users can navigate and invest through the Co-Pilot solution.
  • User Engagement:
    More users are likely to engage with DeFi projects due to the simplified access and management provided by Co-Pilot.

Example Scenario:

  • Customer APY:
    A customer earns a 68.44% APY by staking USDT in a specific protocol.
  • The protocol is identified based on the customer’s profit target and risk tolerance.
  • Co-Pilot manages the staking process, ensuring the customer’s funds are securely invested and yield the expected returns.

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